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If you're looking to install a new phone system for your office or upgrade an outdated one, you're in the right place. Our extensive line of phone systems with fully customizable features will make your transition smooth, like a walk in the park.


Recently a number of manufactures stopped producing parts and support for some of their systems. Your office maybe at risk of losing your phone connectivity if your older phone system breaks. Don't wait until your old system blows up, update today. We can help you upgrade:


Key 2 offers the most advanced billing in the industry. Easily track expenses and reduce costs.

  • Consolidated billing
  • Multi-site billing
  • Long Distance Codes
  • Employee Expense Tracking
  • Easy To Use Portal

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Look what Key 2’s customers’ are saying...

"Key 2 has helped us reduce our telecom costs substantially over the past 2 years, as well as supporting us with the highest level of customer service… It is very evident that Key 2 Communications cares about its customers."

IT Director

Intercontinental Toronto Centre

"The Customer Support Team over at Key 2 is very responsive to all our needs, both billing related, and to any MAC’s that we have needed… In addition, the sales teams were able to decrease our hard telecom costs by over 22%."

Director, Vendor Management Co.

"The transition from our old telecom carrier was virtually a seamless process … There was absolutely no downtime and the process was effectively managed by Key 2."

VP Planning and Operations

Citizen Watch Company of Canada, LTD.

"Key 2 has effectively decreased our Long Distance and 800 costs by over 24%, consolidated our billing into easy PDF formats, and has provided trusting consultative telecom advice for the better of our overall business."

Executive VP / General Mgr.

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